Hemp Cannabinoid (CBD) as Medical Remedies

hemp cannabinoid with philip blair

The following Q&As are the highlights of Dr. Zampieron’s interview with Dr. Philip Blair about Hemp Cannabinoid.

Q: As an MD, have you always been interested in natural medicine?
A: No, only since 2011 when starting the use diet approach to illness, then use of cannabinoids, in particular CBD

Q: What lead you to research cannabinoids?
A: Frustration with lack of effective and damaging approaches to wide range of illness particularly statins. Delving into the science I realized that much of the “evidence” used to justify medicines was manipulated. On the other hand cannabinoids were being demonized in the press but the evidence there was also very shaky. In fact, the literature about CBD was superlative for benefits with no documented toxicity or significant adverse effects.

Q: What exactly are cannabinoids?
A: Collection of oil soluble chemicals that act as messengers throughout the body. Two types: ones that plants make, phyto-cannabinoids, and ones that our body makes for itself, endocannabinoids. These molecules regulate many parts of our nerve, immune and hormone activity, including hunger and mood. Among the phytocannabinoids there are also two types: marijuana that contains THC that causes the high and industrial hemp that contains CBD which makes you healthy.

Q: Do cannabinoids (CBD) get you high?
A: THC can, along with cognitive, physical, emotional impairment, and tolerance meaning that more of the substance is needed to produce the same effects. CBD is the opposite: improved brain function, memory,reaction time, focused thoughts, and no tolerance but it can block the tolerance of THC and opioid drugs.

Q: Why is CBD often combined with hemp oil?
A: Best CBD comes from biologically derived sources, whole plant if you will. Hemp oil is another way of saying that the product contains some of the other things in the hemp plant that make the CBD more effective, the entourage effect.

Q: What conditions can potentially benefit from CBD hemp oil?
A: Three key functions of the ECS include the brain, immune and hormonal systems: Disease in all of these areas respond very well to CBD. Thus, that includes Pain, Anxiety, Depression and Dementia. For the immune system, CBD is better anti-inflammatory than vit C & E. At the same time it has been shown to be antibacterial for staph, strep and HCV. On the hormonal side CBD will rebalance the adrenal cortisol in chronic stress.

Q: Do you need a prescription for CBD hemp oil? Is it legal in all 50 states?
A: Legal in all 50 and 22 countries. The confusion is because in the plants, marijuana is strictly regulated, imported industrial hemp products are not, like the 500 million that US imports from Canada, not CBD but fibers and foods.

Q: What is the difference between cannabinoids and synthetic cannabinoids?
A: Big difference. Synthetics approximate what the cannabinoids do and their have always been unforeseen complications. First synthetic one in 2004, Rimonabant, was associated with a bunch of deaths and withdrawn. Synthetics and isolates lack the entourage: terpenes, flavonoids, polyphenols and other cannabinoids that come from whole plant. Synthetics and isolates don’t have the same chemistry as BDS.

Two current prescription cannabinoids available are Sativex and Epidiolex for specific conditions.

Q: What are the risks of CBD hemp oil?
A: None found. Sometimes temporary vivid dreams, fatigue with too much. no toxic dose.

Q: How does one take CBD hemp oil?
A: Sublingual, oral, topical

Q: How should people decide the right dosages for themselves?
A: Start with package recommendation, then increase to the amount that becomes effective. 15mg twice daily of a high quality CBD product I suggest but no more that 200mg per day. Kids under 7 and adults over 70 should start with half.

Q: Hemp CBD oil is available in health food stores, right?
A: Some, but because of misinformation in Federal administration and Financial sector, not all are willing to carry it. Corner village in Longview has it, and I speak to groups about how it can be used.

Q: What do you advise your patients to look for in a CBD hemp oil?
A: Quality, transparency, effectiveness, clinical support. Goals of company and customer service.

Q: Besides CBD hemp oil, are there other natural products which have CBD?
A: Linen has CBD. caryophyllene another non-psychoacive cannabinoid, that is approved for use by the FDA, is found in black pepper, hops, basil and oregano.
Omega 3 oils enhance the ECS. Truffles and chocolate also feed into the ECS.

To listen to their entire interview, please click here.

For more information and consultation, contact: Dr. Philip W Blair, M.D., Col. (U.S. Army retired),
ph: 360 – 991 – 4791
email: abledocmd@gmail.com
Website www.prohealthadvisor.com

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