Medicinal Benefits of Hemp Cannabinoid with Col. Philip Blair M.D.

hemp cannabinoid with philip blair

Medicinal Benefits of Hemp Cannabinoid is the topic of discussion between the host Dr. Eugene Zampieron, ND,, and Col. Philip Blair, MD, ret., (USArmy). This is an updated discussion about hemp cannabinoid as medical remedies which they discussed on their previous interview.

Who is Dr. Philip Blair?

Dr. Blair is a Family Physician providing disease management for small business employees in several states. He graduated from West Point in 1972, attended the University of Miami School of Medicine and trained as an Army Family Physician. After medical assignments in three continents and the Gulf War he delivered primary care above the Arctic Circle, Kodiac Island and Newfoundland. In 2002 he became Vice President for Disease Management at AWAC Inc, where he developed a highly successful interventional approach to chronic disease saving employers over $24 million.

Since 2011 his own company, Pro Health Advisor, has providing innovative disease management by telemedicine to clients in all states. Dr. Blair has researched, explored and applied industrial hemp cannabidiol (CBD) to clinical care for patients, organizations and other health professionals across the USA and into Australia and UK. His services are internet based and accessible for patient and provider consultations internationally.

Contact Information: Dr. Philip W Blair, M.D., Col. (U.S. Army retired),
ph: 360 – 991 – 4791

To listen to the interview, click the player below. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestion, please use the comment section under this post or contact Ellen Kamhi here.

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