Homeoprophylaxis – Disease Prevention Naturally with Cilla Whatcott , PhD


Homeoprophylaxis is the topic of discussion when Ellen Kamhi, PhD RN, interviews Cilla Whatcott , PhD, HD, RHom, CCH. We will discuss what it is, how it works, who’s using it, and how HP supports natural immunity so that we don’t have to be afraid of diseases and be empowered to develop robust immunity.

Dr. Whatcott is a board-certified classical homeopath with a B.A. from Arizona State University, a diploma from the four-year professional program at Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy, Minneapolis, MN and a PhD in Homeopathy. She is an instructor at Normandale Community College and the author of “There Is a Choice: Homeoprophylaxis,” and co-author of “The Solution – Homeoprophylaxis.”

Cilla is the executive director of Worldwide Choice – an organization undertaking evidence-based research with homeoprophylaxis (HP) and training medically licensed providers to administer HP. She offers individualized HP programs for adults and children. Cilla has been a guest lecturer in France, Scotland, Ireland, Indonesia, the USA, and Canada, and was featured in episode 7 of The Truth about Vaccines.

Contact info:
Kickstarter funding campaign. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1904694158/real-immunity-a-safe-effective-and-non-toxic-appro

To listen to the interview, click the player below. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestion, please use the comment section under this post or contact Ellen Kamhi here.

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