Support Healthy Sleep Naturally with Herbs

support healthy sleep naturally with herbs

Sleep can be challenging!
Insomnia – difficulty falling asleep, or staying asleep, – is a condition that effects almost everyone at some time or another. If the condition becomes chronic, it can interfere with the quality of life, causing people to find it difficult to concentrate during the day, and jeopardizing overall health and wellness. Join Ellen Kamhi and other herbalists for a discussion about natural sleep aids, including herbs, nutritional supplements, light limitation and other natural strategies, that you can use instead of strong drugs, along with ‘counting sheep’!

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Ellen Kamhi

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2 thoughts on “Support Healthy Sleep Naturally with Herbs”

  1. Dear Ellen,
    I am interested in Gut-Brain Connection but Clearwater is a bit far. Will you have anything in the south east of Florida or Connecticut?
    Also, best digestive enzymes. I have had digestive problems having chronic diarrhea.

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