Album: Ancient Wisdom of Healing Plants

healing plants

Master Herbalist Ellen Kamhi, AHG(RH), The Natural Nurse(r), brings the message of  Ancient Wisdom of Healing Plants to everyone! Attend a workshop and take home the knowledge of YOUR ancestors: how to honor, identify, gather and process wild plants into herbal medicine.

In the field collecting wild herbs

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Spiritual connection with the essence of the plant community
Learning sustainable and honorable collection techniques
Gathering medicinal plants in the wild
The joy of discovering a new plant friend

Back in the lab,  processing the herbal collection into tinctures, teas, and herbal sachet bags.

Back in the Herbal Medicine Processing Lab
Preparing Infusions (herbal tea)
Processing Herbal Tinctures ( alcohol menstruum)
Beautiful, Medicinal Plant Potpourri !
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