The Natural Nurse ® offers a variety of products for anyone who is interested in improving and maintaining their health naturally.




The Natural Nurse ® offers a number of books on the following topics:

  • Weight Loss
  • Arthritis
  • Herbal Medicines
  • Sexual Health the Natural Way
  • Women's Health

For more information about the books and how to purchase them, please go to this page

Restorative Formulations


The Natural Nurse ® has chosen the products that she recommends carefully and after much investigation and analysis.  She only supports the use of formulations that she would use for herself, her family, her friends and her clients.

For more information about these products and how to acquire them, please visit this page

Natural Nurse Catalog


The Natural Nurse ® offers the items in this catalog with pride. You will find high quality, professional lines of the best available nutrients, homeopathics, herbs, personal care items and more to support your health and happiness! In addition, it's all at 10% off. She will also offer Specials and deeper discounts to individual clients and students who have had personal consultations or taken courses. Just Ask! 


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