Immune-Boosting Supplements That Fight Cold, Flu Viruses

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By Lynn Allison at NewsMax Health

The flu season is in full swing with all states but Hawaii reporting widespread illness and deaths, and four times as many cases as last year at this time. The California Department of Health on Friday reported the flu contributed to the death of 42 people under the age of 65 (compared with nine last year) and six people over the age of 65.

The Centers for Disease Control and prevention says that 13 children have already succumbed to the deadly flu virus so far this season, but added that the season may have reached its peak.

If you haven’t already received your flu vaccine, it’s not too late. But that’s only one way to combat influenza, experts say.

“We don’t know when it’s going to end, but we anticipate several more weeks of flu activity,” says Dr. Christy Sadreameli, an assistant professor of pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Even if the vaccine takes a couple of weeks to reach its full benefits, it should offer some protection.

Dr. Nikki Arguinzioni-Gil, a licensed doctor of naturopathic medicine in California and Washington State, tells Newsmax Health that there are tried and true natural supplements and foods that can help boost your immunity against the deadly flu.

Here are her suggestions:

Republished with permission from NewsMax Health

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