The Best Time to Take Vitamins

best time to take vitamins

When to Take Your Vitamins: Timing is Key to Effectiveness

By Lynn Allison at NewsMax Health

Many people who take vitamins and supplements grab a handful and toss them down the gullet first thing in the morning. But experts say that may not be the best time to take some nutritional supplements, so it’s important to know when to take them to get the most benefit.

The best way to get all your nutrients is from food,” notes Dr. Ellen Kamhi, a medical school instructor and author of “The Natural Medicine Chest.”

“But of course there is a large amount of scientific evidence that supports the use of supplements. There are many instances when your diet isn’t sufficient to provide all the necessary nutrients because of toxic growing conditions, the chemicals used in GMO crops, or simply poor eating habits.

“That being said, there are some ‘rules of thumb’ about the best times to take different kinds of vitamins and minerals.”

Kamhi recommends taking multivitamin and mineral combinations in the morning before breakfast. And she says NEVER to take a calcium-magnesium pill combination.

“The calcium will most likely be absorbed but will block the absorption of magnesium,” she tells Newsmax Health. “And if you take iron supplements, avoid ferrous sulfate. Choose ferrous chelate or fumerate instead.”

Other experts are even more specific in their directives:

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